Czech Republic’s Žatecký chmel gets India’s Geographical Indications Approval

Nov 27, 2021

Žatecký chmel is the Geographical Indications Mark of the Czech Republic’s Hop Growers Union.

The 1st application was filed in 2011, but due to various reasons receiving the approval certificate was delayed. On bringing to the attention of the Czech Republic’s Honorary Consulate Office in Chennai, this 1st approval certificate was finally obtained during Oct 2021.

The approval became due for renewal by Nov 27, 2021. The Hop Growers Union approached the Czech Republic’s Honorary Consul in Chennai to assist with renewal of the GI Mark. On receiving the Czech Embassy’s recommendation, Mr. S. Ravichandran of the Czech Honorary Consulate Office in Chennai completed the renewal for another 10 years. This work was completed within a very quick time, much to the appreciation of the Hop Growers Union and the Czech Embassy in Delhi.