Honorary Consul Mr. Ar Rm Arun was Chief Guest at Insignia 2023

Nov 3, 2023

The Honorary Consul of The Czech Republic in Chennai, Mr. Ar Rm Arun was the Chief Guest at Saveetha Dental College’s Insignia 2023 held on Nov 3, 2023. Mr. Arun distributed awards to the Winners who are rank holders in their respective subjects.

Speaking at the occasions, Mr. Arun shared about the Czech Republic having given India 3 major brands of Bata, Jawa & Skoda. He shared that the Czech Republic has the same population as Chennai, while having the GDP of Tamil Nadu. Being an extremely advance economy, the Czech Republic has 10-times the Per Capita Income of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Arun mentioned that Engineering & High-Precision Industries being a highlight within the Czech Republic. Mr. Arun also spoke about Higher Education Programs in the Czech Republic, Czech Tourism and about Czech Films being popular in Chennai.

Mr. Arun shared his experiences with Dentists globally and suggested that Dentists should take care of 2 important traits – 1st carrying out what the Patient really needs without doing any sales job, and 2nd providing the required understanding & support to make the Patient at comfort at all times.

Mr. Arun appreciated Saveetha Dental College for inviting him and congratulated award winners across all categories.